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When it is about taking loans " Less is More "......... We will help in doing so. EasyloansIndia is a loan comparison website. We will help you in taking a well informed decision about all types of loans that too FREE OF COST . We will provide answers to your questions like which loan you should take as per your need, which documents will be required, how much time will it take, what will be the rates of interest of various financial institutions etc. You are just a click away from a loan specially customised for you.

Personal Loan

There is a personal loan for every personal expense.For a short term need of money be it holidays,wedding in family, medical expenses etc you can opt for personal loan. Loan amount may vary from 1 lakh to 20 lakhs and repayment period may vary from 1-5 yrs .

Home Loan

Having own home is the dream of every Indian. We will help you in fulfilling your dream. Your eligibility for home loan depends on two things first your income and second value of property you want to purchase . You can get your home loan sanctioned before identifying the property also.

Car Loan

"Dreaming a car, get a car" that too without much expenses of financing. Buying a car is easy but how to get it financed wisely ? You can take loan on new car as well as used car. Compare offers of all the banks and take right decision for your self.

Loan Against Property

Once you acquire a property , it pays you life time. When you need large amount of money with longer repayment period you can opt for loan against property. It is commonly known as mortgage loan.You can continue using your property along with loan and can make repayment in monthly EMIs.

Education Loan

Education is the biggest investment in one's life. We want to help all the brilliant students to pursue their studies without tension of fees. We will help you in deciding which financial institution will be best for taking an education loan.Learn now and pay later .

Gold Loan

There is an old saying in Indian Society " Purchasing gold is not a luxury , it is an investment". It has come true now a days. When you have short term need of cash you can opt for taking loan against gold.Maximum repayment period for gold loan is twelve months.